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- Pro Rink -

| Hockey Player Backyard Rink Kit |


Bring your own wood and save! Our most popular kit caters to the DIY enthusiast and helps to reduce your time in building your backyard rink!

- EZ Rink 2.0 -

| Family Skating Backyard Rink Kit |


These portable and compact DIY backyard rink kits feature an easy plug and play tubing system that will save you time and effort!

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- Pro Rink Kit -

- EZ Rink 2.0 Kit -

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About Slope

Whether you’re a rink owner looking to fine-tune your facilities, an aspiring ice technician, or simply a curious hockey enthusiast, our exploration of slope in this unique business setting will provide insights, tips, and tricks to help you navigate the slippery terrain with confidence.

So, sharpen your skates, grab your hot cocoa, and join us as we glide through the fascinating world of slope in hockey rinks, where precision and passion come together on the ice.

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[ Ice Groomer ]

Ice Groomer (Backyard Rink Ice Resurfacer)

A must have for backyard rink enthusiast seeking for that perfect sheet of ice. The Ice Groomer is one of the lightest handheld ice resurfacers on the market, which can be easily attached to a garden hose. It also features an on/off valve, allowing you to take control of your water flow for that perfect ice sheet.

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